Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fitting the Starlet Suit Jacket - getting warmer!

This is the size 10 of the Starlet Suit pattern.  Much better than the size 12 (it fits great across the back), but my next task will be online reading about how to "fit" princess-seamed items and to try some adjustments so the waist is a bit smaller & there's not so much pulling...

And I have been doing a bit of online research (my life is research!), and found a FB adjustment for a princess seam tutorial from Burda Style's Opal in Minnesota; thanks!  So the next bit of excitement will be me trying out her instructions; hopefully tomorrow...

I have to admit, one of the things I hate about fitting is measuring myself; I've been putting it off for weeks.  Finally, after the skirt-pattern class at Bits of Thread, where I had to measure myself in public, I've been getting all the different measurements done & wrote them down last night.  Today I'll use Opal's instructions & try to get the front pattern adjusted a bit.

Speaking of measurements & healthy body images, I came across an article in the paper today about how Israel has banned ads with too-skinny models!  18.5 BMI is the bottom line for healthy, BTW.

I've been singing Debaser all week; it's a good earworm!  And a cover by OK Go!


  1. Good progress! Looks like It's going to be a winner, good luck with the adjusting

  2. SB! Have you had any luck w/ your body double? I thought I'd adjusted mine just right but then the clothes fit me but are too small for her? I wonder if it has to do w/ her firmness & my lack thereof?!

    Yes, I've been playing around with the patterns (adjusting for FB, moving the BP lower, etc.) but need another bit of time to work...another crazy week & I'm working part of Saturday, too...

    Thx for the encouragement...

  3. Interesting thoughts, I really enjoyed your blog.


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