Sunday, March 25, 2012

Details...a few from the Esprit Amish Quilt Collection show in Lancaster

The actual quilting (what holds the 3 pieces of fabric together) is actually the most difficult part of quilting.  Piecing?  Deciding what color to use and how to arrange the block--easy peasy!  But the quilting--it's hard and from the one time I hand-quilted a very small (3' x 3') quilt, I mostly remember lots of needle pricks!  But if you look closely, quilting, the handstitched designs that are the backbone of a sturdy & beautiful quilt, are the most time-consuming and the most detailed part of most quilts you'll see...certainly the most detailed part of these Amish masterpieces.  (Remember, click on a photo to see the original size & get even more detail.) 

This one is my new desktop background!  Like being lost in colorful city blocks!

Music?  I Fall to Pieces by Patsy Cline.  Oh, Patsy, I love how you're just a beat slower than the music!

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