Friday, March 23, 2012

Pattern-making: Skirt Class at Bits of Thread, DC

I needed 1/2" binding for my skirt class, so decided to try to make some.  I bought the little gadget from Clover, sliced up some skirt fabric & you can see the result in the photo, above.  

I was also in our basement & came across some paper inside an Ikea box...I think this is the paper others were recommending buying to use as pattern paper, so I rolled it up & will take it along to class, too...though we might be making our patterns on muslin instead.

The fabric is a wax print that I bought in Ghana.  Wax prints have a strange and wondrous history, all based on shipping routes & trade.  Find out more here!

I took this in class.  It was a great class...highly recommended.  I learned SO much!  I'll go back next week for the final class; I have the pattern done, but haven't cut out the skirt yet.

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  1. Bits of Thread, DC is in Adams-Morgan & you'll find them online here:


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