Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hallowe'en Fun!

 Happy Hallowe'en! 

This is a quick & relatively easy project.  I wish I had time to do one for everyone at work!  

I found the pattern on knitpicks.com...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Hallowe'en Knitting Guess What!

Look at this photo & see if you can guess what I'm knitting. It's for the roommate to wear to work. It's just part of the project...

I just finished the test version, which took about 1 hour of knitting, & when he tried it on he laughed out loud! I suspect his students will, too. I'll update this post in the next week or so & then you'll find out if you are correct or not.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Keep Calm & Cary Grant & Rosalind Russell

Speaking of fashion in movies (were we? of course we were!), here are a few outfits I love...two suits (and some amazing hats) from His Girl Friday, one of our favorites.  

This hat gets a few comments in the film...
Like Charade & Some Like It Hot, we've seen it over & over & it does not get old.  The dialogue is so snappy & fast that it's hard to catch it all; might as well watch it again and pick up what you missed the first time!    

I love this hat!
According to Clothesonfilm.com, Rosalind Russell's clothing for the film was designed by Robert Kalloch.  

I actually think these clothes don't look dated at all.  However, all these stripes--you'd have to be quite slim to get away with it.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I got home today after a much-longer-than-usual commute (final baseball game of the season in the stadium near where I work; shuttle stuck in traffic).  Yesterday, it was a "suspicious package."  I just need to give up on getting home & concentrate on the journey (or think of it as extra reading time).

Anyway, I got home & a new issue of Saudi Aramco World was waiting.  I do love this magazine, which comes out every other month and is free.  Sure, it's propaganda, trying to show the positive side of the Arab/Muslim world, focusing on history, the arts, and society.  I know that, but it doesn't mean the articles aren't beautifully illustrated, well-researched and always educational.  And do you really need to read about another mortar-bomb attack or protests over cartoons?  I spend the day at work researching topics like Hamas & its tactics since the Arab Spring, so no, when I get home, I'm happy to read about art or culture or history, especially as it's a part of the world the Roommate & I spent a lot of time in.
Photographs by William Isbister

Which is a very meandering way to say that an article in the latest issue is about a thimble collection!  Cool, huh?   Check out Little Thimble Big Journey for some great history & wonderful photos.  Written & photographed by William Isbister, who lived in Saudi Arabia for 11 years and obviously had the sense to collect an almost perfect souvenir.  Why perfect?  Small, used by individuals, not mass-produced, and a variety of styles & decorations means they look great on display.  And of course as textile collectors, I love the sewing connection.

Some things I learned: Crusaders brought thimbles from the Levant when they returned to Europe. The first thimbles were more like rings that fit over the first joint on the finger.  Thimbles used to have a little loop that could be attached to a chain.  Those are the first few facts that stuck!  Read the article to find out more...

Photograph by William Isbister
Now, this photo is quite interesting.  First of all, it's a man sewing in the Middle East.  Second, he's using a ring-like thimble.  And he's using a tension hook attached to his toe to sew.  I've seen these toe loops used in Oman, but for weaving (working the heddles).  I can't quite figure out how it would help you sew?  

Any ideas/comments?  Let me know...