Saturday, March 31, 2012

Update on Starlet Suit Fitting

I have been trying to fit the Starlet Suit, which is a class I'm taking online at Craftsy.  I'm using Opal's online tutorial, which has been extremely helpful.

However, I haven't had as much time as I'd like as I've been busy (kitchen re-design is taking up time, I had to work today, a Saturday, and I was in my Bits of Thread Skirt Pattern-Making class).  You can always look at my facebook page if you'd like to see examples of what our kitchen will look like (cabinets ordered!), and I could tell you in detail about the 45 minutes I spent looking for a dissertation about international law w/ regards to illicit drugs, but it's probably more fun if I show you & tell you about the skirt.

It was an excellent class & I can recommend it if you're in the DC area.  I learned a great way to make a waistband & also the best method I've seen to put in a zipper & have it look great. So there it is, on Helen & I'm quite pleased w/ the wax print fabric from Ghana.  I have some matching cotton & would like to make a light jacket to go w/ it.

So how's the fitting going?  Take a look at photo #2 and see what you think...the BP has definitely moved down to the right place. I also removed the fullness above the bust, now I need to take some out below.  I also took out a little at the side seams...I think I'll remove a bit more tomorrow.  I don't mind the flare at the sides, but there's some at the front, too, so I want to fit that.  The problem with princess seams is which seam (there are 6 altogether) do I remove fullness from? I do think it's an improvement from the previous version.

I will spend tomorrow fitting & sewing.  But first, our typical Sunday morning ritual: drinking coffee & reading the paper in bed.  I haven't read any news for at least 3 days--I have them stacked up to go through!

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