Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fitting the Starlet Suit, Part 1

Here's how it is:  I'm working on the Starlet Suit, a class by Gretchen at Craftsy.  Because I bought a lot of fairly expensive wool to make myself 2 suits, I'm making a muslin/toile as a test.  And the first fitting is done & it's too big.  If you look at the attached photos you will see that basically a size 12 is just too big. With any luck that means that my issue in the previous post about the princess seam not looking quite right is just part of the size 12 issue. So my next task is to take apart all the muslin pieces (all sewed at the longest stitch to save thread and to make them easier to un-sew), then re-cut all 6 pieces to a size 10 and try try again.  Or should I say toile toile again?

The first photo shows the back, which definitely looks a little bit too big at the shoulder, and then way  too big under the arms.  The second is the side seam, which definitely does not look the way it should.  On the right, you'll see how baggy it is at the waist.  Part of this is the FB issue, but I'm hoping that a smaller size & the princess seams will help.  Otherwise I may need a narrow belt.

The last photo looks pretty good, really, you can see that the lapels are cut just right & will fold back naturally.


  1. Thanks for your post. After reading it, I might wait to take up this course on craftsy. I still have the jeans and dress classes to get through. Cheers.

    1. Thanks! Glad to hear I inspired you...hope watching me struggle with fitting doesn't uninspired you. ;-)

      I'm also doing a skirt-pattern-making class the next 2 Wednesday's, so starlet suit may be on hold for a bit.

  2. Whoops, Velosewer! I just re-read your message...I didn't inspire you, I scared you. Sorry. I'm sure it will be a great class--just not something I will rush thru.


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