Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stuff I've Made, small purse, BB Bag

This is from the BB Bags pattern by Mickey Beebe, on Tracey Brookshier's website.  I used some of my West African fabric, which I bought in Accra.  It's hard to tell but it's actually 2 complimentary fabrics.  They do a lot of that over there, lovely matching sets of fabric.

First, some pictures of the little purse I made.  Here, you see it open.  I took these pictures w/ my iphone, so they're not great pictures, but hopefully you get the idea.There are plenty of zippers & pockets. The only problem I really have with the design is that everything you are carrying must be flat!  So it's hard to put both keys, a phone & some chapstick in there all at once! 

For the closure, I had originally put on an African bead along with a string loop I attached after I'd put the binding on.  It quickly broke, but the closing loop (made of the same fabric) is still on there.  I close it now with a safety pin; not so cool.  What I really need to do is undo the binding, sew in another loop, with the bead already on it, then use the loop that's already on there to close it. I made one for my mom, too, also with other West African fabric.


  1. Such a cute bag & wonderfully coloured fabric. I know what you mean about bag size. I know someone who chooses her phone to fit her smallest pouch - that seems sensible to me!

  2. Yes, SBT, I should have picked a phone that fit or added elastic to the little pocket (so items don't fall out). But I made the purse years ago when I had a different phone. I do use the purse quite a bit, though, especially for going out at night; not as much to carry. And the phone fills it out a bit!


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