Sunday, July 10, 2011

Anyone say "Vintage?"

Thought you'd enjoy seeing this pattern my mom sent. She found it in her box of patterns, but I don't recognize it, so I think it was for her (I have some of the clothes she made for my sister & I--later!).  What I love & what my mom noticed is that there's a pattern so the doll can have a matching dress!!!  Isn't that neat.  It probably still happens--do little girls have clothes that match their American Girl dolls?  Probably.  (For all the photos on my blog, BTW, clicking on them will take you to a larger version.)

Unfortunately, the girl's pattern is missing.  But when I opened it (actually, took it apart, the edges are completely disintegrated), I found the doll's pattern!  Yay!

It's obviously been someplace where there was moisture.  One of my dreams (once we move, next month) is to have a nice storage area for items like this.  Archival quality boxes for photos, textiles, and supplemental accoutrement, such as this, or backstrap looms, or whatever.  All in boxes sorted by country.  With lots of anti-moth controls, thanks to these hints from the Thrifty Stitcher.

I have not tried to date this.  I'm guessing 30s or 40s, just because of the age of my mom & her sister.  To the left you'll see the first side of the instructions.  Since these instructions are usually drawn to scale, it would probably be not too hard to re-create the missing pattern pieces.  Although my guess on easy is usually w-r-o-n-g!  (Just ask my roommate...) Here are the other side of the instructions.

Finally, the pattern for the doll's dress. I hope you enjoyed seeing this!  Leave me a comment to let me know what cool patterns you (or your mom) have found!

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