Friday, July 1, 2011

I really really need suggestions for a cute little, v. efficient, amazing storage sewing room, please...

Okay, we just got good news about the new place.  We can put in a nice bedroom & bath downstairs.  So we don't need the mini 2nd bedroom (10' x 6') for guests after all.  So forget the murphy bed and the small cabinet closet.  Now it can be an office and a sewing room (it has a south west facing window!!).  And Bella will love it--sunny, warm & in the middle of everything and a window ledge just wide enough for a cute kitty.  So if you have a sewing table, or cabinets or a pull-out cutting table, or hideaway ironing board or whatever that you'd like to tell me about, it will be mighty appreciated.  And thank you in advance...

In the meantime, I've been checking out some sewing rooms online.  Here's one, from At Home Sewing.  Very cute but she has some technical skills I'm lacking (like making that drawer for thread by cutting acrylic--huh?) and a much bigger room--about 60% bigger!  But I do like using a drafting-board type desk for the machine. And those drawers have spindles tall enough for a spool of thread & the matching bobbin!  Great idea.

And I found someone who has our kitchen table, she's going to turn it into a sewing table (which is what I was thinking, too)!  Here's a very small area, lots of cool ikea organization.  And another.  And this page has tons of ideas.

Now that I've looked thru some pages, I have another thought--anything you've done that did NOT work?  I'd like to learn from others' mistakes!  And if you have floor plans, I love those.  I'm sort of addicted to them and will spend hours looking at them in the paper if there's an ad, even if it's for someplace I'd never be interested in otherwise.

I've also discovered Koala sewing furniture.  If you own something from this line, let me know what you think...

I'm very looking forward to your comments.


  1. I highly recommend a design wall. It's so much fun to play with the fabrics even before you commit to stitching them. I have a design wall in my living room hanging above my couch - out here in California when you hang something above the couch or bed it better be something you wouldn't mind falling on your head in The Big One. Anyway, the design wall is so much fun! It's just a big piece of fleecy stuff taped to the wall and it's great for keeping in-progress quilts out of the way of kitties looking for beds. Right now it's covered with batik strips, which I am admiring very much.

  2. Hey, thanks for reminding me of that. I have been thinking of painting metallic paint on the wall so I can use it as a magnet board, but I have plenty of wall space in that little room (no closet), so I can have a design board, too. Many of my expert-quilter friends say that's why their quilts look so good...

    BTW, my husband is from SFO & I lived there 10 yrs & when I see houses with lots of heavy stuff on high shelves out here (on the East Coast) I think, "Yikes! Hope there's not a quake while I'm around."

  3. Hi Karen!
    Have you seen the Craft Rooms flickr group?
    Loads of inspiration to keep you busy!


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