Friday, July 29, 2011

NO Plastic Bags! Make your own shopping bag!

My friend Vicki, in Pacific Grove, CA, is part of a program to disallow plastic bags within the city limits.  Plastic bags are a huge problem there--they end up in Monterey Bay & kill all sorts of wildlife, mostly sea turtles & sea otters.  So here are a few ideas for making your own re-usable shopping bag. The first is how to turn an old t-shirt into a shopping bag.  And the other site is a list of 50+ different sites that have "how-to" instructions to make your own shopping bag, so you don't need to make the paper or plastic decision ever again.

Recycle a T-Shirt into a shopping bag!  Instructions here

And another site with many patterns for making your own shopping (or book) bag.

The photo is from Essie's Handcraft Cuteness on Flickr.  

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