Monday, October 17, 2011

Simplicity 7051/7501 Vintage dress mix-up!

You may have read Scruffy Badger Time's post about Simplicity 7051 from 1967.  I decided I needed that pattern, too.  So I found it & bought it from Bonanza, and what a deal (about $8 with shipping). Looking more closely, I realized that I didn't have 7051, I had 7501!  Yikes.  Old age is hitting hard.  So then I went back to the original post and realized that I didn't really like the pockets that much (well, I like them, but they will end up emphasizing my tummy--which is not a good thing).  They're both great, and both from 1967...there's no way I would have got 7501 w/out Winnie's help, and I'll just have a different great vintage dress to make from light wool.  And Winnie doesn't have to worry about me copying her! ;-)  However, looking at 7051 again, I realize that I do love that  neckline/collar...and the double darts in the front are so flattering.  I will either have to try to modify 7501, or keep looking for 7051.

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