Saturday, October 8, 2011

Country Music Clothing 2, or, Clothes Don't Make the Man

Nudie's Singer Sewing Machine
However, you'll see here that clothes DO make the country music star!

What could YOU make with this Singer sewing machine?  Well, Nudie, the Rodeo Tailor, made all sorts of costumes with it--all of them gorgeous.  His work is so important that his sewing machine is in the Country Music Hall of Fame!  Something to aspire to--having my machine displayed somewhere! Nudie's got his own website, so head on over there, pardner, if you want to see more of his creations or find out more about this artist...

Hank Williams
Hank Williams
The clothing at the Country Music Hall of Fame & the Ryman Auditorium was created by three artisans.  Nudie, Manuel (who is still working--Jack White or Merle Haggard ring a bell?) and Nathan Turk.  Follow the links to see more of their work.  And, as always, clicking on the photo will get you the full-size version.

First, a couple of Hank Williams' suits.  And you can listen to Cold, Cold Heart while you're looking...

If you look closely, you'll see that this suit on the right (with the musical notes on the sleeves) is the one he's wearing in the videos I posted previously: I Saw the Light and Hey, Good Lookin').
Gram shown wearing the suit, with the
Flying Burrito Brothers

Nudie designed this for Gram Parsons
I don't think I can convey how much fun it was to see these.  All I can do is recommend you head down to Nashville yourself; and don't forget to check out the Ryman Auditorium--there's a lot of great June Carter & Johnny Cash stuff there.

And the back of Gram Parsons'
leather outfit
Hank Thompson
Lefty Frizzell

Hank Snow, Nudie designed this one

Jim Reeves

Don Gibson

Faron Young

Ray Price

Merle Haggard

Red Foley's Sugar Foot suit

Porter Wagoner

Assorted Hank Williams, Jr. items


  1. More awesome styling!!! I showed them to gary and he enjoyed them saying you'd have to be good or have something interesting to say- not something you could wear to the pub- as if!!!

  2. These were for the stage, definitely...


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