Thursday, October 20, 2011

7501 vs 7051 - Details Shmetails!

Okay, so you heard about my vintage pattern mix-up with SBT's lovely 1967 dress pattern in my last post.  I remain undaunted, though, because I know I'll get a cool dress from 7501, and I may end up w/ 7051 anyway.

I went to Hancock Fabrics today to try to find some dress-weight wool.  They don't have much (they have more suiting-type wool for men & women), but I ended up getting a wool-poly blend.  I think this will look great with my brown suede shoes!  Very dressy.  The lighter color is almost a peach, which doesn't show too well in the photo.  It was hard to find something that wasn't plaid!  I would have even taken a small-patterned plaid, but there were very few and none of them in a color I'd want to wear (I don't wear black--stopped at age 40).

But then, I thought, well, why not make this pattern twice..and use this amazing narrow-wale all-cotton corduroy that's on a really good sale?!  So here it is...I think it will be great; sort of dressy, but fun, too.  It's also happy & brightly colored, but I think has lots of fall colors, so it works for the coming season quite well.  I got extra because I may try to put on a collar similar to the one on 7051!  I'll have to work up my nerve first.

I also broke down & got a cheapo dress form.  They were on sale and I've given up getting a Lady Valet to the US.  I'll give this a try...I can always take it back if it's a real disaster.  I'll show it when it's set up--maybe--she has to wear a bra & I don't want to embarrass her (or me).  I'm refraining from naming her at the moment so I don't scare Tilly, especially at Hallowe'en time.  At this point it's just an imaginary'll see her/it soon; I want to get her adjusted first!


  1. Hello "Bella"
    I'm catching up on reading your blog & what a to-do! I'm impressed you managed to source a pattern so quickly from 1967 (never having tried myself to source patterns to order) ...& what a shame you had a slight transposing issue with the numbers! Hey ho. It's good that you are still going to use the one that you bought, I really love the corduroy with all of its lovely patterns - I think a perfect homage to the pattern. Interested to know how you get on with your new dress form ... does it do what you need it to?

  2. Winnie:
    So far I really like working with Helen, my new dressmaker's friend. She's named Helen because I couldn't not name her (unlike Tilly), and a friend suggested I give her a guardian angel name so she doesn't come alive at night & kill people. And Helen is my grandma's name. My grandmother was a quilter, mostly, but she could sew. So she's great company.

    And so far, I'm having a blast working with her. I really changed the pattern a lot, so have re-traced the darts, etc, and will try out a muslin soon. (Pictures posted soon)


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