Sunday, October 30, 2011

Round One: Karen 0 - Pattern 1

Okay, so I pinned & fitted & fitted & pinned the pattern (you saw those pics when I introduced Helen a few posts ago), and then I transferred my changes to the pattern tissue, and cut it out, put in the darts (only doing a few changes at a time--this based on reading I've been doing about using a dressmaker's friend & adjusting pattern pieces).

And I'm not sure it's much better than the original pattern!  I'm trying to figure out if I was too wimpy, or if the material I'm using for my muslin is the problem--it has a bit of stretch as it's poly-cotton.  It's left over from a skirt I had made in Abu Dhabi, but it didn't work out too well:  it had a lining, which always scooted way down, while the skirt scooted way up whenever I sat...leaving about 3-4" of the lining showing at the bottom.  Very weird.  But that explains why such pretty material is now a muslin for the Simplicity 7051 pattern.

Another thing I wonder is if I should add the back, too.  It's so hard to tell if I've pinned it all correctly, but adding the back would take out the seam allowances & let me see how it's pulled when there's a back on it.

Anyway, one go is not going to be enough, obviously; a bummer because I'm a one-try type of gal.  I think I may leave it all the same, more or less, but just take up some around the waist.  More long darts anyone?!  Which would mean adding the skirt, too!  Which means finding more fabric to use as more muslin...

I'd love some comments with your muslin-fitting savoire faire!

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