Monday, June 27, 2011

Non-kosher sewing: a tailor's ham!!

You may have picked up that my husband and I were semi-nomadic for the last 20 yrs or so.  Some traveling overseas for long periods of time, some working overseas for long periods of time.  I had a super-wonderful sewing machine (which I'll share later) & quite a set-up in terms of notions & even a cool Ikea table to store them in when we lived in Abu Dhabi (for quilting only, Mohammed the tailor was in Abu Dhabi!), but most of that got left behind either there, or when we left Istanbul (I donated my machine to an orphanage--I hope it's being used & appreciated!).  So I've had to start over.  I bought a big box of Gutterman thread in about 25 colors--which has been quite useful, but even then, I've had to stock up on  all sort of white & off-white threads in various weights (quilting, polyester, all-cotton).  Zippers have been another problem--I thought I'd bought one for Simplicity 1011, but cannot find it.  Now, granted, there's Jo-Ann & G-Street Fabrics in Falls Church but I try to avoid using our car as much as possible.  So if I go out there it's for a big list of items, not every time I think of one little thing I need.  I suppose I could order online (Jo-Ann or Ebay), but then you pay for shipping.  So I try to think ahead & get by w/ what I have.

But about that zipper--I am so sure I bought it, but because I don't have my own space for sewing, or even a sewing box or cabinet to keep everything together, it could well be in our house--but it's not in the 4 places I usually store sewing, knitting or beading things.  AAARRRGGGHHH!  Anyone have any great suggestions for small-space super-efficient sewing table, cabinets & shelves?  Pictures or links?  In my dreams there'd be a handy way to get to an ironing board & cutting board nearby, too.  I'd love to see them as I will soon be re-doing the guest bedroom in our new place and  it will probably be my sewing room, too. Oh right, new place!  We will be settling down soon.  July 29, to be exact.

So I have started stocking up on things I couldn't carry around before. At the same time, I've decided to be much more professional in my sewing.  So...I bought a tailor's ham!  I've always had trouble w/ darts, even on ready-made clothing, and this item is proving invaluable for the bodice, which has 2 darts on each side of the front, there's another dart for the collar facing, and there are darts on the back, too.  Here's a picture to show you what the darts in the bodice look like after they've been ironed using the ham.  The red arrows are to show you what you're looking at!

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  1. Interesting & informative, thanks! Great pictures, too. Hope someone out there will have a suggestion about space-saving sewing tables or spaces. Looking forward to your next posting! (And yeah, it looks good on my iPhone.) :-) - MB in Alexandria, VA


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