Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New hair, old dress

Okay, I cut my hair...I've been threatening to do it for a while & the last time it was short was for our 4th trip to Africa (in 2006).  FYI, most people in sub-Saharan Africa have short hair--easy to take care of, stylish & cool.  Anyway, mine was quite long (I'll try to find an older picture), and now it's not so long.  I was threatening to do a Julie Andrews in Sound of Music look, but maybe next time.  In the meantime, this bob.  

MD at the WH
In honor of me-made-June, I'm sitting next to 2 quilts I made (folded on the back of the couch), using fabric purchased on that last African trip, in front of a painting by a friend of ours, Layton Hower.  The dress, however, will have to go in Mohammed-made-June, as opposed to me-made-June...I don't have enough clothing that I made, though I could go a few more days if I could wear quilts in to work!  Anyway, I am thinking of a Mohammed-made-July because during the 6 years I lived in Abu Dhabi, my tailor, Mohammed made my life very easy & fun.  What is better than taking in a picture (from a magazine, from a sewing book, from the web) along w/ some fabric, coming back a week later, and there it is--exactly what you had in mind!?  I'd have to do it in the summer...the coldest it ever got in AD was 65F, so I only have summer clothes.  I have formal dresses, lots of jackets, skirts & dresses, some pants, even some clothes for travelling (with hidden pockets!).  Unfortunately, some of them are beginning to wear out (especially the linen ones) and some really aren't in style outside the Muslim world (ankle length skirts), which is just another reason for me to start sewing more clothing. My husband also had a Mohammed, and he's got an amazing array of suits, dress shirts & fun shirts (see above), including a tuxedo from our time there... 


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