Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mohammed-Made-June - Return of the pattern II - and this time it's pink

On our back deck with a cup of coffee in the flattering morning light.  Or perhaps you're thinking, "Not flattering enough!"  Anyway, here it is again.  I think you've seen all 4 versions of this amazing pattern.  I have gotten so much use out of these dresses & find they go everywhere, they're cool so great for hot DC summers, and dressy enough to wear to work.  With a sweater, they last until October.  YAY!  Oh, and probably the most important part?  Now that I've left Abu Dhabi, I think this would be quite an easy pattern...if I could just find it.  Music: floyd?!  How about Sparklehorse & Radiohead - Wish You Were Here?

I'm like Tilly, rather tired of having to remember to take pictures every day.  My roommate's been very helpful (as usual).  So, tomorrow, one of my all-time favorite MMJs - a jacket made from some fabric I bought in Ghana!

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