Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mohammed-Made-June - Return of the pattern!

You can see by our kitchen what our decorating style is:  put as many things as possible into one small area so you never get bored or ever see the same thing twice! 

Anyway, here it is, the THIRD version of this great dress pattern by my dear tailor, Mohammed.  Shukria, Mohammed--it still looks great & is (I think) very flattering. I'm reading my grandmother's 1956 Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book (Revised & Enlarged).  

Fabric was very cheap in Abu Dhabi (but you could only get raw silk, some linen and lots of cotton or cotton/poly blends).  Anyway, most of what I bought for these dresses (and for my roommate's shirts) was US$1.08/yard.  I bought a lot.  At that price, I bought pretty much any fabric that appealed, looked neato, whatever.  I eventually figured out what to do with it. (I still have some that is awaiting use.)

Here's a picture of the fabric, up close.  I love that it has little camels & horses & suns on it in this cool rock-art drawing style.  As a former archeologist's assistant, it really appeals to me.  And I did buy the fabric in Abu Dhabi, so the camels are perfect.  

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