Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What do YOU do with your old North Korea maps?!

I have mentioned before that we have plenty of old maps at my office. (Maps marked Soviet Union don't have a lot of credibility these days!)  The Roommate has taken many of them to school for his 8 year olds to color on, and we have lots more stored downstairs in our basement either for pattern making, gift-wrapping, storage-box decorating, or...my latest idea...pattern storage!  

Because I like to use vintage patterns, I find that some are extremely fragile.  So often before I even start cutting out, I just re-trace the whole thing onto better paper.  Not only does this keep them from tearing even more, it ensures I don't lose any of the original pieces, which unfortunately has happened. :-((

Life's eternal questions:  What to do with old North Korea maps?
Sometimes I use grid easel paper from Staples, and sometimes it's onto an old map (no particular reason for using one or the other).  But patterns, like maps, are a pain in the rear to re-fold, and if it's a vintage pattern, even the pattern packet can be quite fragile, too.  So it's frustrating to try to fit the fragile pattern into the fragile packet.  I've just given up!  Instead, I use and old map, fold it into an envelope, staple it in a few key locations & viola!  A big, sturdy place to put the newly copied pieces, the original pieces & the packet.  It doesn't completely cut down on folding, but it sure makes putting patterns away a lot less frustrating.  

A place to store them is another issue, since I haven't really standardized my new envelopes, but basically, I'm filing them all upright between some magazine storage cases.  Now that I have a place to store traced patterns, I think I'll eventually re-trace all my vintage patterns (as I use them).    

Any great ideas you've come up with to solve this folding/fragility issue?  Please post below!

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