Tuesday, April 29, 2014

See & Sew B5699 - ongoing project

White-Crowned Sparrow
courtesy of whatbird.com

I'm listening to punk rock and birdsong while I'm writing this.  So life is pretty good.  We have White-Crowned Sparrows passing thru on their way north, and they have a pretty distinctive call.  They are keeping me & Bella entertained.  I saw at least 3 this morning in our back yard.  

Jackets!  I am starting to dread them.  There must be a way to master them, but it probably involves making many...and I can't bring myself to do that.  I know it would improve my skills, but my life would be filled with dread.  

So now I'm trying to finish this See & Sew B5699 pattern, which I've been working on, little by little for quite a while. (I'm in denial about how long, so won't bother to look it up!).  I started it when we were having a mild fall.  Then it turned into a brutal winter, and I just lost any interest in something short-sleeved!  

I had trouble with fitting, (mostly cured by Allison @ Bits of Thread) but finally got the wool dress finished & lined and I've worn it quite a bit this winter with some store-bought jackets.  
I decided before I started the wool version of the jacket I'd try out a "muslin" in some cotton/linen that I found on sale.  If you look at the older blog posts (linked to above), you'll see I really struggled with the fit (again!). But I think it's looking pretty good now.  

It's got bound buttonholes & is lined with some of the silk I bought last year.  It's quite thin, so a little difficult to work with, but sure feels nice!  

There is still some stuff to do, definitely, which I will get to right after I finish this post.  They are as follows: hemming, hemming the sleeves & getting the lining tacked under the hem & facings correctly.  But I'm pretty close.  
Linen/Cotton blend fabric detail

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