Tuesday, April 22, 2014

One Yard Wonder: Lunch Bag for Roommate!

This lunch bag was a quick project because the Roommate often leaves his lunch bag at work...so I decided to make another.  I haven't figured out what I'll do when he leaves both at work, though!

The pattern is from One-Yard Wonders by Hoskins & Yaker, 2009.  It's a great book to use up bits of your stash, the patterns are fairly easy, and there are plenty of ideas inside.  

I used Heat 'n' Bond Iron-On Vinyl on the pieces, inside & out.  I may try running it through the washer, on gentle, just to see what happens to the vinyl.  Have to work up my nerve first!  
Inside is lined with printed kente from Ghana. 
This was only a partial stash-buster because I bought a yard of fabric for the outside (I couldn't help it...batiks were on sale at Hancock!).  But I did use scraps from other projects for the lining.  
I have had many comments when I blog about fun shirts that "my boyfriend (or husband, or significant other) would never wear that shirt!"  I suspect that those guys wouldn't carry this lunch bag either!  Remember, the Roommate teaches 3rd grade, so has no qualms about being a bit wacky.  Just another reason his students love him (and so do I).    

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