Monday, December 31, 2012

New ゆかた (浴衣) - Xmas Present a Big Hit!

You may remember I made the Roommate a new yukata (cotton kimono) ゆかた (浴衣) for xmas.  Well, here's a quick update showing the only gift I made this year on the handsome model.  He has not taken it off much since he opened the package xmas morning, so I think that's a good sign.  

He was thoroughly surprised...hadn't missed his old one (which I used to line this new one), and had forgotten about picking out the nigiri sushi fabric, too!  Which means he's the perfect person to make presents for.  ;-)

I lucked out, sort of, in that he was stranded in SFO during Hurricane Sandy & I had 2 days off work, so not only did I have time to get it done, I didn't have to hide what I was working on!  


  1. Wow Karen, what a great gift and surprise, it looks fab and I can see how pleased the wearer is!!! Fantastic job. Happy new year also :-)

  2. I suspect, Winnie, that we've married nice guys who'd wear our stuff no matter what? I know mine eats anything I serve & calls it "great!"

    Not complaining, though!

  3. That's lovely. Glad he's enjoying his new pressie.

  4. It's hard to get it off him in the morning when it's time to head out for work!


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