Saturday, January 5, 2013

Simplicity 3994 Update

You can see the lovely pattern, from 1941, for a coat-dress here.  You can also see the fabric.  And you might be able to figure out why I didn't get it cut out today, after all.  Actually, I can't blame it all on the perfect kitty cat...I tried on the muslin again this morning & realized that I really needed to move the bust down (similar adjustment I had to make to the princess seam on the Starlet Suit). So I spent a long time making a duplicate on tracing paper, and then adjusting it and then attaching it to the original pattern (which I didn't want to modify, since it is from 1941 & in great shape).  In the middle of that I also made a holly spray & homemade ribbon for our front door...because I needed to stop thinking about patterns for a bit.    

I did take Allison's advice & iron interfacing to all the yardage of the fabric.  It's woven & rather light.  She thought it would be easier to cut out & work w/ if I put on the interfacing to give it a bit of body.  Fortunately I bought some stretchy interfacing (without even trying).  I also bought a package of 10 open studio classes @ Bits of Thread, and used the first one trying to get the pattern modified.  Then spent a few hours on it before we left for xmas.  The pattern modification is getting there...meaning I haven't cut out the fabric yet!  

I am tired now, though, of this pattern, so will find another small project (maybe another cover for my tablet?) where I don't have to read instructions and it will be finished quickly...instant gratification, anyone? 

Music?  How about a song for i partigiani, Bella Ciao?  

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