Saturday, December 8, 2012

More Paper Dresses from Isabelle de Borchgrave

I wanted to share a few more photos the Roommate & I took @ Hillwood House Museum.  The Prêt-à-Papier exhibition, by Isabelle de Borchgrave is on view thru December 2012 and I definitely recommend it if you are interested in fashion, designing, textile art, non-traditional art, or tromp l'oeil.
You'll see a man's & woman's traditional costumes from Provence.  The woman's shoes were part of this piece.  I thought they were fun, but what really impressed me was the lace.  It looked real to me!  I couldn't touch to make 100% sure, but I believe them that it was really paper.  

The man's costume was great, too; I just love the layers of paint built up to resemble fabric.  I think it shows really well here on this green jacket.  

We got a kick out of this throw, too...which is also paper!  But it looked real.  I wanted to pick it up & unfold it to see if she'd only painted the parts that show?  I also wanted to fold it more neatly.  We have plenty of fabrics lying around our house--but we tend to display them differently!  Do you see why I began thinking all the fabrics in the house were made of paper?!  

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