Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Some Sewing Links to Soothe Your Soul--Or Empty Your Wallet!

While in NYC a few weeks ago, sewing came up more than once and I thought I'd share a few cool things I've recently discovered that I know the sewiverse could take an interest in.

First, City Quilter.  So much fun!  Great selection of fabric (lots of Japanese stuff), plus some of their own designs in the City Collection, which are NYC-themed fabrics (for example, Times Square, above). Cool!

Have you ever wanted a DIY couture sewing kit?  Have you dreamed of learning some crazy-amazing techniques? Have you heard of Alabama Chanin? Order a kit and get the fabric, notions & instructions.  Each pattern comes in multiple fabric & thread color choices...hundreds of options!  Anna's Garden skirt, below, is one of my favorites.  

You've probably heard of Spoonflower by now.  Design & print your own fabric (like on Project Runway!), and print it on anything from combed cotton to crepe-de-chine, or turn it into wallpaper, peel & stick decals or even wrapping paper!  I haven't tried it yet, but am thinking of getting some cotton printed with this photo from our community garden...
It's a photo of asters & marigolds which I played with a bit in Photoshop (obviously!). Spoonflower was having a giveaway today, so I ordered this print on a fat quarter of faille for free...just to try it out.

You probably know by now I'm a birder (and thrilled that Hedwig is here in DC!).  Also thrilling is that Charley Harper's wonderful bird & nature art has been turned into 4 different types of material by Birch Fabrics.  Here's a white-breasted nuthatch & a red-headed woodpecker on some canvas: 
And here's a list of shops that stock Birch Fabric (around the world).  

But I was thinking, "Hmmm, if I buy that it will get dirty so quickly once it's a backpack." So I googled "plasticize fabric" and found that there is such a thing as iron-on laminate!  My life is full

Even better, from the same website, a "how to" regarding sewing with laminated fabrics!  

And a new (to me) vintage pattern shop: So Vintage. Fun, but dangerous for my retirement fund!

So now you know where my brain is and how I'll be spending my recent federal government 1% raise!  Let me know if you try any of these things out; I'd love to hear what you think.

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