Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Old Maps for New Patterns: A Recycling Story

Guess why this map was recycled!
I work in a library where we have lots of maps. Recently the maps librarian decided to get rid of all the out-of-date maps, and there were stacks of them.  

So I asked if I could have them, and the Roommate came by and picked me up and we took many of them home. Now I'm using them to trace patterns onto, if I am changing a pattern, or just don't want to cut one up.  

I learned a technique in the Copy Your Clothes class I took at Bits of Thread DC.  It works best if you have a nice cutting board (mine is large and made of cardboard).  Put the map down (or the tracing paper), put the pattern on top, and start poking a straight pin through the pattern lines.  It's a good idea to put a few pins down at the four corners to keep the pattern in place while you're marking.  

When you're done poking, fold up the original tissue pattern piece (good luck with that), connect the dots you've made on the map or tracing paper and be careful not to forget dots or other pattern markings, like grain lines.   

And viola! you've got a sturdy pattern piece that you will hopefully remember you made the next time you need it.  (I put a post-it on the front of the original pattern packet, and keep all these large pattern pieces rolled up together.  Though as I get more and more a real system may have to be invented.)

In addition, the Roommate will take many of these old maps to school for his students to make posters or draw on, or just cut up and glue.  Speaking of the Roommate and maps and his collection of fun shirts, here's what he's wearing today:

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