Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Next Up: McCall's 8841

Here's an old pattern (1997) that I'm going to try out w/ some "designer" rayon I got at G Street Fabrics recently.

I feel like I spend a lot of time trying to recreate clothes I've left behind...and wish I hadn't!  How pathetic is that?!  Anyway, I had 2 dresses made in China that I loved, they were cotton prints, indigo-dyed*. They got left behind when we headed south because we knew we wouldn't need work clothes for a while.  But I miss them.  

I usually work with cotton, so will be curious to see what happens when I try to sew with a slippery fabric.  I've already got my ballpoint needles at the ready!  

Because of the fabric, this will be a bit dressier, so we'll see how it turns out.  If I like the pattern I may make a few of them.  A simple summer dress--I always need more of those!

*The dye wasn't set!  (After a hot & muggy day in Hong Kong, the blue dye was crawling up my neck & down my arms! I had to go to a grocery store, buy a box of salt, and soak them overnight in salty water in the hotel room sink!.  That set the dye, and I got a lot of use out of them when we lived in Taipei.)  If you have fabric & the dye isn't set, try this...be fairly liberal w/ the salt--there are probably guidelines somewhere on the innerweb--but don't soak it more than a few hours or overnight as salt is fairly corrosive and weakens fabric.  You'll see them using salt in the dying workshop in Indonesia in the batik video I linked to recently.  


  1. Yikes!! Blue seepage and emergency action!! This dress is going to be lovely, the fabric is super cute and fun, love the bubbles of colour.

    1. I'm almost done w/ the lining now...next step is combining the 2 pieces without destroying the shape of the neckline. Wish me luck, Winnie!!


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