Monday, June 24, 2013

Vogue-Wearing Roommate in Math-Flavored Shirt

Here we have the ever-handsome Roommate/Spokes-model showing off a new shirt I just now finished.  

Bits of Thread, where I take sewing classes, has a fabric "recycling" program, where they get fabric & notions donated to Goodwill & the Salvation Army and sell it quite cheaply ($3/yard).  The proceeds go to fund free sewing classes in DC.  

So, even though this is the thirtieth (yes 30th!) fun shirt the Roommate has, and all the rest were made overseas...he now has yet another, made in USA, and I made it, using Vogue 8800.  

Problem is, when I saw this math-related fabric, in an amazing color, I just couldn't resist, and knew he'd love it, too; even though we can all agree that he has way too many fun shirts.  

This is especially suitable since he loves teaching math to his fifth-graders.  And I've been wanting to try out a simpler style shirt, as I work up my nerve to copy Zo's cowboy shirt she made for Paddy.  

I've been wanting to make a western shirt for the Roommate ever since we saw Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven last month (amazing show, BTW).  And both David Lowery and Johnny Hickman had on western shirts.  Guitarists always look cute, so I decided the Roommate needed one, even though he's not a guitarist and looks cute even without a western shirt.

Also, I'm having a slight bit of guilt as when we finally started dating, as opposed to being just friends, I made him get rid of his polyester shirts, his bell-bottoms, and his western shirts.  My only regret is the western shirts, though!  So I figure he needs one now, and I have the perfect fabric for it (a surprise).  

But, I wanted to try out an easier man's shirt first, so Vogue 8800 was it.  I think it came out pretty well, and he's pleased, too.  He's got some classes next week at the NEA, so an education-oriented shirt will be appropriate.  

Doofy-looking models, but the
shirt pattern is great!

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