Thursday, December 8, 2011

A break from 7501: Fun Shirts!

When we lived in Abu Dhabi, fabric was about US$.27/yard (= 1 dirham/yard).  And yes, I had a huge stash, most of which got left in Istanbul when we fled...

Anyway, it was another $9 or so to have a shirt made for the guess what?!  He has about 30 of them (or is it 35? - we've never seen them all in one place).  I thought you might like to see just a few of the fabric patterns.  We call them fun shirts, you can probably guess why.


  1. Now that's a great fun collection of shirts!

  2. SBT, I lived in NYC for 10 months while the Roommate stayed in Abu time I called him & asked what he'd been doing. "Oh, taking some fabric to Mohammed to make me some fun shirts." "A couple of new shirts?" I asked. "No, seven," said the Roommate! So that should give you an idea of our austere lifestyle--at least with regards to fabric!


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