Thursday, December 1, 2011

MidEast fashion designers!

If you're at all interested in the Middle East, culture, food, music, history, architecture, whatever, I highly recommend Saudi Aramco World, a free magazine with amazing photography & articles that are guaranteed to enlighten you.  So, in the latest issue, there's an article about fashion designers from the area, entitled Nouvelle Vogue in the MidEast, by Alex Aubry.  The clothes are beautiful, but what really interested me is the fabric finishings, especially the embroidery, using traditional techniques on modern clothes.  I clipped a few examples from the website; to find out more about the designers & see more photos, go to the article link, above.

First, isn't this fabric pretty? I am not sure how comfortable it would be, but I bet it's very flattering...

And check out the detail on the sleeve & shoulder of this blue blouse! First of all, I love that little sleeve dart to make such a nice cap over her shoulder.  Second, the embroidery is so simple & interesting--and it makes an epaulette, sort of.

This last outfit has more embroidery along the skirt.  Very striking.  I love that rich almond brown, & the red trim makes such a nice contrast.

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