Saturday, March 16, 2013

Surf's Up! Simplicity 2847 (again)

I really love this pattern (you may remember it from my first post, as my Route 66 dress). 

You may also remember that the Roommate has a large collection of what we call "fun shirts."  Which he had made by his tailor when we lived in Abu Dhabi.  The fabric was so cheap & tailoring was so cheap that he has about 30 of them now.  Well, I bought myself some fun fabric, while we were there & finally decided to turn it into a fun dress.  When he saw the fabric in my sewing room, the Roommate said, "Oh, am I getting another shirt?"  No, dear, this one is for me!  I'm lucky he doesn't hold a grudge!
And I decided this is the time to learn about lining, too (I usually wear silk slips--also from my tailor, but they don't work so well for underarms).  So last Friday I took another open studio class at Bits of Thread so that Allison could help me put in an off-white cotton-poly lining.  

Cannot wait to wear it!  Summer is definitely headed our way here inside the Beltway...

Oh, regarding Zac Posen vs. Michael Kors as judges on Project Runway?  Zac is great, but I miss Michael!

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