Sunday, July 1, 2012

More Vintage From My Mom...

Simplicity 5980, 1965
I got another amazing package from my mom the other day. Where is she getting this stuff from?!

So 2 more patterns, neither of which I will probably ever use, but still, they are very cool... Simplicity 5980 just wouldn't look that good on me, and McCall's 7472 is for a little girl (I don't remember that pattern, though).

The real treasure though, for only 60 cents, is the Fall/Winter 1969 Home Catalog, which is full of amazing pictures. It will definitely be my shopping guide the next time I head over to Ebay for some vintage pattern shopping (after I pay for my kitchen).

There are so many jumpers in this catalog!  The hairstyles & eye make-up is a lot of fun, too.  It would be a great guide for someone going to a 1960s party!

Simplicity 7472, no date,
"not suitable for chubby girls"

Simplicity 8345, no pattern

Fall/Winter 1969 Simplicity Home Catalog


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    1. I'm certainly enjoying all these presents! And wondering where she has them hidden?!

  2. After 44 years in the same house, no telling what else is hidden away! Glad you are enjoying the patterns and book!


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