Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Starlet Suit Fitting #6: Where I Learn NOT to Trust My Instincts!

In my last post I noted that after putting in the sleeves on the muslin the sleeves hung about 1/2" below where my actual shoulder is.  I'll show you what I did to make the shoulders a bit narrower, then show you what my sewing book recommends...I was wrong, so wrong.

I cut up the pattern (actually just shaved off about 1/2" in a curve), even though I wasn't sure that was what I should do.  You can see the shaved part (in red); I did this on both the front & back patterns.  Now I did try this w/ the muslin (left the sleeves the same, but made the seam on the bodice a 1/2" wider) and it looked okay, on the muslin anyway.

But then I thought, "Hmmmm, I wonder what the book says about this narrow shoulder problem?"  (I use 3 reference books when I'm sewing, if I don't search the web.) For this problem, I found Alison Smith's The Sewing Book to be the most helpful.  

Note: One good thing about an online class & printing your own pattern (even though it's 45+ pages & took me 2.5 hours to tape together): you can keep reprinting bits.  So I reprinted the very top part of both the front & back bodice pieces (didn't need to reprint the whole pattern, just where I shaved off the shoulder).  

So I followed the directions in my book, and did this instead:
I found the middle of the shoulder, then cut an 8" slash straight down.  Then overlapped those 2 pieces to take out that extra 1/2".  Here it is taped & ready for another muslin:
Probably be this weekend before I get it cut out & sewed for my next try...

Of course the music is So Wrong, Patsy Cline!


  1. Eep! I'm really looking forward to seeing your suit jacket! And then getting super jealous and blowing the budget on the course myself! xx

  2. One more muslin, hopefully, this weekend, Tilly. Though FilmFestDC starts this hopefully I'll get a bit of sewing done.

  3. Well at least you are figuring all this stuff out as you go along! Yay you! I usually get a headache and quit. :)

  4. Thanks! Yes, fortunately I'm a try & try again type. I do have to take breaks and you've probably noticed that I don't do this every day--more like every week!

    I'm trying Gertie's bound buttonholes right now. I did NOT start on the actual pattern piece...instead, I'm practicing on some scraps. Have already found one thing I didn't quite do right, but that's okay; the more I do the better I'll get, so I'll be ready for the REAL buttonholes!

  5. Argh! I just left a comment on the previous post,not seeing this one. I'm glad you are nearly there ....


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