Sunday, April 8, 2012

Starlet Suit Fit #5

Bella, consultant at Bella Industries, Inc., takes a rare break.

Okay, you all know I'm taking an online class at Craftsy to make the Starlet Suit, and I've spent a lot of time trying to get it to fit.  I was so pleased at the princess-seam adjustments & almost started cutting out the wool...but then I thought, "Hey!  What about the sleeves?!"

So I put the sleeves in yesterday.  They are fine & the length is great--a little different--3/4 sleeves on a suit jacket.  But take a look at the shoulder seam (that's not the right word, it's the top part of the scye where the shoulder seam meets the sleeve).

Pattern-making savants: If you know the right word for that part of the pattern, please let me know! 

Is this the part of my life where I realize I have narrow shoulders?!  Yikes.

If you look at the photos, I've marked where the seams should be & where it is with the arrows...and I think it's about 1/2" off.  Now I'm a bit afraid to just move up the sleeve a 1/2" because I'm worried I may make the armhole too big?  I need to go thru my sewing books & do some looking around on the web.  I may just give it a try on one side, just to see if that's an easy fix.  If it's not--back to the drawing board.

Of course I'm open to your hints/suggestions, too.  Leave them in the comments, below.  And thanks!

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  1. Karen, I'm sorry I have no words of wisdom, in fact I was saving up my reading of your blog as there I learn from you! And am interested to see how you are getting on....I hope you have it sorted by now - the fit in the previous post looks fabulous - can't wait for me to have time to make a start on it....


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