Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vintage Pattern - Girlswear

You've seen the photo of me in my little blue coat (and seen the coat by itself--it's one of the many items of children's clothing in our bedroom).  Well, here's the pattern.  Looking thru the vintage patterns I have from my mom, I came across this & thought you might enjoy seeing it.  

It's Simplicity 2336 & is from the early 1960s.  

Hopefully my mom will comment to let us know where she got it (Germany or the US?).  If it was Germany I'm sure it was on the army base; apparently it was easy to get items from the US on army bases (maybe it still is?).  


  1. Yes, I made that coat in Germany. I don't remember where I bought the material, but it was probably on the Army base. The post exchanges were very self-sufficient and we seldom shopped on the economy for necessities. I don't remember their fabric section, but I am sure there were few choices. However, I always seemed to find something I liked. I sewed for myself too while in Germany.

  2. It has a beautiful matching lining--so the choice couldn't have been too bad. thanks!

  3. You mentioned the lining. Do you have a photo?


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