Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's all over now, Baby Blue!

I woke up this morning with this song in my head:  Blue Sky, Allman Brothers, Dickie Betts singing.

Actually, I'm pretty happy, so I almost always have happy music in my head.  But that inspired me to try one more time...well, 4 more hours.  I just keep finding that if I made the darts big enough, it really messed up the bottom & sides.  And taking up in the middle (adding a 1/2" seam down the middle of the front on the muslin), just didn't seem to do it.  I also found (and am finding with the pattern I'm now adapting, too) that what fits on Helen, when cut out & sewed doesn't fit...sometimes not even close!

I never thought pattern making was easy; a friend in NYC does this for a living, and she's very much in demand, but I was right--it's difficult.  So I gave up & went thru my vintage patterns & found this one, Simplicity 9602, from my mom.  It's the right size--a 12 in the old size; 1971.  I still have to modify it a bit because I want a V-neck & a collar (still trying to get Scruffy Badger's Simplicity 7501!).  But since I'm starting with the correct size, not 6" too big, I'm hoping this will go better & faster.

I am finding that sewing with corduroy is a bit of a challenge.  I have to pin more & sew slower or everything crawls around.  And I'm used to pressing cotton, or linen, which is so hardy.  I'm using a very light hand so I don't mash the corduroy.  Here's the fabric in case you've forgotten thru all this what it looks like.  I was in Hancock again today (forgot a zipper, so I bought 3), and they still had the pincord (thin corduroy) on sale, so I got more...purple this time!  Another print, of course!

I've missed this class (ends 11/30): Bits of Thread Pattern Making class - Bodice, but this experience has definitely made me interested in taking the same thing, hopefully in the spring.


  1. Are you saying that carefully fitting to your dress form is not without its own problems? I suppose it makes sense, but I'm holding it as one of the holy grails! Anyway, just think how much you are learning. By the time that course comes around you won't need it! Love the red dress- I'm really drawn to it!!

  2. Yeah, I'm not completely convinced about dressmaker's friends. My Route 66 dress fits Helen perfectly, and it fits me perfectly, but then when I try a pattern piece on her & cut it out, it doesn't seem quite right. And the same for getting a muslin right on her that then doesn't fit me. So I don't know.

    I do think she's a bit big for me--I got a medium, and can't make her any smaller, but if anything that should be a good thing--when I try them on they should be correct, or a little too big--instead they are too small?!

    I'm very confused, and am not sure I'm doing it right. But I also think if you're getting stuff to work w/out a dressmaker's friend, maybe you should stick w/ what works!

    Appreciate the comments & support, SBT!


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