Sunday, August 28, 2011

Update! Quake + Hurricane + Ikea = New Sewing Room!

5.9 - Test #1 for the new place
Okay, well, with the 50th birthday celebrations (including a trip to ABQ to see family and stock up on green chiles & tamales & turquoise jewelry) + a 5.9 earthquake + Hurricane Irene, it's been a while since I've posted.  Apologies if you missed me (or even noticed I was gone?!).

Our new house, obscured by Irene
A little background: Right after the Roommate & I moved to the DC area, Snowmageddon  & Snowpocalypse arrived.  I'm very much into being prepared, so we did okay in terms of food, gas, etc. And it just so happened we were moving, so we had a ton of furniture to move + Ikea stuff to put together...which meant that when everyone else was bored due to lack of power & internet & trapped inside because of the bad roads, we were moving boxes & assembling furniture. Boredom for some was extra days off for us to fix up our new place!

To the right is the not-yet-installed
wall-mounted ironing board
Cabinet + shelves, 20"
So I figured, hey, if Irene is headed our way, let's go get a cabinet & shelves for my sewing room so we'll have something to work on while we're trapped inside.  We also stocked up on milk, soy milk, gasoline, eggs & bought another can opener (the old one is missing since the move).  We also filled many gallon jugs with water. And with all the New Mexican food in the freezer, we were ready for anything!

If you've been following this blog at all you know that I was trying to figure out a non-Ikea solution for my tiny sewing room.

Moved this table closer to window;
need a bird-feeder outside to entertain
both Bella & me!
However, I finally gave in.  We already had a very sturdy table (I used it for my sewing table in Abu Dhabi), and an extra gate-leg kitchen table with 6 deep drawers, which is a great size for a cutting board, but folds down to 9" wide when I don't need it.  So I just couldn't see buying a fancy sewing desk/cabinet.  Instead, I went w/ an Ivar cabinet + shelves.  I wanted to get something cool from CB2 or Pottery Barn, but they only have bookshelves--which are 8-12" wide.  I wanted at least 18-19" wide, and the Ivar shelves, at 20" are an economical way to do that.  I needed a cabinet, too, so I can store unfinished projects, along with knitting and beading supplies; it's necessary to keep a few things safe from Miss Bella, who isn't really destructive, but she is curious & helpful--even when you don't need help!  ;-)

Boxes from Ikea for storage;
I need to think of cool labels for them
The Roommate & I work quite well together--he can't read instructions & turn them into action & I can't do any of the heavy lifting, so I give orders & he does the manhandling and shows off his muscles.  I hope you'll agree the room is coming together.

The wall-mounted ironing board arrived & we'll try to get that up today.  I also plan to move the printer/file cabinet once the ironing board is up--I think that will leave just enough room for the mannequin in that corner...I have a piece of felt somewhere that I plan to tack up as a design board.  I also have a bulletin board that used to live in the kitchen but may end up in here.  There is plenty of wall space left--just not much floor space.

The printer & file cabinet will be moved
& you can see the gate-leg table,
folded up.
On my wish-list?  I'd like a mannequin/dress form and a sleeve ironing board.  Those may have to wait--we are about to start a "master suite" addition to the house. Which isn't as ridiculous as it sounds--the sewing room, which is 6' x 10' is supposed to be the 2nd bedroom. But since I've colonized it, we are down to one bed/one bath.  The basement ceiling is too low to put a finished bed & bath down there, so a new addition is almost necessary.  We live in a great area with lots to do & see, so want to make our place amenable to guests.

Appropriate music?  Neil Young, unplugged, 1993 "Hurricane," of course!


  1. I can see everything is fine with you. I'm SO happy! I hope everything is calmed around your home already.

  2. Yes, Yadira...things are getting back to normal. Now if I didn't have to work, exercise, cook or do laundry, then I'd have time to sew!!

    And thanks for your sweet comment.

  3. Now I'm relieved. Have a nice day and sew as much as you can.

  4. It seems like your preparations all paid off as your sewing space must almost be ready to go. ( when time allows!) it's a gorgeous light room. Very creative!

  5. Thanks, SBT! It's not really that light--I took the pics in the morning & that window faces east. But it is a big window & I've got 3 lamps in there now (one an OttLight--natural UV). I've just been going over the instructions for the quilt wall-hanging I'm making my mom, will get started as soon as I figure out what we're taking for lunch this next week!


    That's the link to a bunch of new house photos...not completely decorated yet, but mostly unpacked.

  7. Just discovered your blog. I want to re-do my sewing room (moved to a different house and have an upstairs room instead of sewing in the basement). I'm thinking I really miss having a cabinet for the machine (so that the machine can sit flush with the table top). I've never had a cabinet mounted machine...have just had the machine on a table top, to take advantage of the free-arm. But the older machines in my life (grandmother's and aunts') seemed to be more comfy. The problem is all the sewing cabinets are bulky, ugly, expensive, and cheaply made. At this point I should probably start my own blog :) --I just wondered if you had considered making a way to mount the machine into your purchased table. I've seen directions on the internet.

  8. Hello! It's changed a bit since then, I re-arranged again, & painted. Here are more posts, tagged small-space-sewing-studio:
    I used to have a built-in machine, but the only reason I can see to do that is if you need the space. Otherwise, it always seems to be inside when you need it in a hurry!

    Keep me posted on your decisions & how you fit out your room!


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