Monday, August 15, 2011

My new ironing board is on its way...pure excitement!

I won't even mention the composter, also en route, because then you'd be so jealous you'd stop visiting, huh?!  We have a composter, but decided we need 2...if you know about composting you'll understand.

Anyway, take a look at this's weird (house not ironing board) because our new house has almost no doors!  Certainly none to the sewing room (2 bi-fold doors instead, given away thru Freecycle last weekend).  So I'm giving away my over the door ironing board to a co-worker and I just ordered this wall-mount fold-away ironing board from Amazon!  I cannot wait until it gets here because rigging up another bi-fold door for ironing right now is a bit crazy--the board moves radically because I can't shut the door it's attached to!  And I need to iron.  I don't like it that much, but I love how our clothes look & I love it when it's finished--sort of like exercise & yoga.

Hope you checked out Tilly, featured seamstress on the Collette Patterns site today!  

p.s. On a much different topic, if you've ever wondered about washing your Ikea pillows--give it a try!  Ours were quite un-fluffy after 18-24 months of usage.  I washed them (the instructions said I could) and though they took forever to dry (only do this with a good dryer), they look amazing & are super-puff fluffy now.

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