Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Workt By Hand: Quilt Show at the Brooklyn Museum

Flying Geese, 1847
We spent a few days in NYC recently (no, I didn't go to Mood; instead I spent my retirement savings at the Strand Bookstore!)...and happened upon a quilt exhibition, Workt By Hand, at the Brooklyn Museum!  

The idea of the show was to place value on the work of the women who made these quilts, who weren't paid for their work (except the joy of keeping their families warm). 
Flying Geese, again!
Of course I took photos, and thought you'd like to see some.  One impressive aspect of these quilts is they were much older than the ones I usually see in exhibitions.  Easily pre-dating many of the Amish quilts we've seen in Pennsylvania, or the quilts in the collection at the Quilt Study Center in Lincoln, NE by 30 years or so!  

 As always, clicking on the photo will get you the largest version available...

Delectable Mountains, 1850
Wedding Ring, 1850
Another view of Wedding Ring, 1850
Star of Bethlehem, 1850 - ALL silk
Tumbling Blocks, 1850, the colors are mostly silk
Maltese Cross, 1870
Log Cabin, 1890 (Barn Raising Arrangement)
Double Wedding Ring, 1930


  1. You definitely had a great time in NY.

  2. ALWAYS! I am on the lookout for ways to live there! Though I do LOVE our place in DC...


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