Saturday, September 15, 2012

More 1960s Patterns from My Mom's Pattern Magazine

All Simplicity, BTW!
8286 & 8388; I don't know, that mustard color, not sure about it, but I love the pleated skirt in back!  

8394 & 8386
Nothing says the Sixties like jumpers & contrast plackets & collars, huh?!

I can imagine wearing either of these, but with tights, not white socks.  
Though I have seen women with great legs who can pull that off. It's the right hairdo that kills me!

Look at all the great stuff you get in that one pattern! 

8445 & 8391
I actually really like 8391; pretty princess-seamed dress--so flattering.  
Not so sure about the collars.  8445 is cute, too.  

8234 & 8254 - Jammies!
I love the I Dream of Jeannie look!  And the feather trim on the blue outfit.

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