Monday, June 4, 2012

Starlet Suit Update! Collar Turned/Seams Favored

It has been a bit nuts with me working on small projects and traveling (where do you all find so much time to produce?), but last night I finally got to clipping, notching, favoring & pressing and you can see the result here.  

Mostly I was inspired by Sunni's post, where she started way after me & was almost caught up.  I thought, "What am I waiting for?"

I'll tell you what I was waiting for...I was afraid to do the clipping & notching!  Because then it's final and there's no going back!  

Sunni has also turned me on to cotton bouclé, which I didn't even know existed!  

I'm pleased.  I think the collar looks great.  I thoroughly recommend the Starlet Suit class.  Gertie is an excellent teacher & her giggle is wonderful, too.  I am learning so much, mostly having words explained that I knew of, but didn't understand (favoring a seam is one example).  Not to mention lots of skills & techniques.  It's also been an excuse for me to invest in some new notions.  I got some new scissors last week & just love them:  control & power, all in my little Mundials!

Last night I managed to get the buttonholes for the facing done.  Another excellent reminder of how much I hate handwork!  ;-)

BTW, just for fun, a Starlet-Suit-Search on Google Images turned up lots of fun colors & ideas!


  1. I'm loving watching you perfect this jacket. It's coming along nicely.

  2. Thanks! It's all very interesting, but I just wish I had more time for it.

    They will start on our kitchen next Monday (yippee!!!), but that means we'll spend the weekend packing up the kitchen & moving everything to the back of the house...which also means I'll have very little sewing time. :-(


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