Friday, May 25, 2012

A Textile Junkie's NYC: At the Met

It's a 3-day weekend starting tonight here in the US...and the Roommate & I are off to NYC.  We love going there, but really don't do it enough, partly because there's so much to do here in DC & we love our house & hate leaving Bella. 

However, we have friends to visit, a new baby to meet, artwork to pick up & exhibits to check out.  Although we're quite big MoMA fans, I think this weekend we'll spend most of our time at the MetWhy?  Well, for textile fiends like the Roommate & I there are at least 2 exhibits, and really, if you add in our art deco fetish, there's 3.  Don't even get me started on the Dűrer exhibit!  And another on the Parisian Avant-Garde!  We may have to sleep there, just like Claudia & Jamie.

So, the first stop will probably be the Schiaparelli & Prada show, exploring the affinities between the two designers.  Check out the link for some great photos of their designs & the rather clear influence one had on the other. 

Second, we'll head over to see Textile Collectors in Egypt, which I'm sure will be fun, but a bit depressing.  Essentially, from 1880 - 1930, people went mad for textiles from the late Roman Empire to the early Islamic period.  As bodies were wrapped in several layers of cloth for burial, finding a gravesite could yield many pieces of fabric, which would then be trimmed & chopped up for sale to eager collectors, often without an archeologist present to record details--so knowing the age or background is impossible. 

Finally, depending on time & energy, we'll go to see the Modern Design highlights.  Many times the furniture has extra-cool vintage fabric upholstery!  I often want to just move into the living room on display...

A fun weekend, I just wish the Met had a better cafeteria, as it looks like we'll be spending the day there...I much prefer the MoMA's.

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