Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Orcas, Table Runners & Napkins, Oh My!

I got the table runner & napkins made for my mother-in-law, who found this amazing fabric in Ketchikan.  I didn't have quite enough for 12 napkins (the Roommate's parents love to entertain!) but found some more fabric at this great online quilt shop, Rushin' Tailor, located in Skagway.  Their prices are great, and the shipment only took 4 days; I would totally order from them again.  And don't worry...I ordered plenty to use on another Roommate Western shirt project! 

Here is the package all ready to go (it shipped out this morning, just before the blizzard hit). 

And speaking of blizzards, we're in the midst of one right now.  This is our backyard while I'm writing.  Pretty! 

And here it is on the dining table, in CA.   They sent this great photo of the table set with some of their Alaska art + the items I made.  I thought you'd like to see how they worked out!  I think they look great on the teak dining table.  

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