Friday, September 23, 2011

Charade - a favorite movie & my dream clothes

I wanted to respond to Tilly's post about films & inspiration for sewing (or shopping).  The Roommate & I have many movies we love & I can watch them over & over.  One we watch together, probably once a year or so is Charade, which for me has everything anyone could ever want in a life:  Audrey Hepburn's body, clothes by Givenchy, Cary Grant to fall in love with, a mystery, an amazing apartment and Paris in English.  So I did a search & found some amazing Givenchy clothes, modeled by Ms. Hepburn...

Here she is walking near Notre Dame.  I love the suit--sort of Chanel-y!  I might even consider the hat.  

 Can you see the darts on this dress?  Interesting using the thick fabric, which I think may be stretchy--so it looks like a sweater but fits nicely.  I have a feeling that belt wouldn't go around one of my thighs!  

 Another gorgeous coat.  I could also stand to have someone style my hair every morning as I can only stand to spend 5-10 minutes on it. The soft shoulders and the collar seem so ladylike.  

 I could not find a picture of her in this amazing cocktail outfit (top & skirt) which I love & would wear every day if I owned it.  I had to get this photo from Christies website, where it fetched $US 303K in 2006.  

Many of the outfits in the movie are matching dresses & coats--and they are all great.  Look at the boatneck!  And the way the coat is cut. 

Best of all, it's a great movie, too, with lots of plot twists & turns and amazing scenery.

I keep forgetting to add music, but here's the Theme from Charade.  Actually, it's the trailer; go check it out!


  1. Very good choice of Autumn inspiration movie, Karen. Are you going to make any of these outfits? Coats in multiple colours would be a dream!

  2. Top choice, both film and sartorial inspiration. I love seeing Audrey pics. I may have to dig the film out for a watch soon too

  3. Oh! Tilly! You mean I'm supposed to make something?! I just like to look & dream...

    But perhaps I should participate in's winter coat sewalong.

    It would be great to have a few winter coats; I just have a very puffy one, it's great because it's warm, but extremely low on the Audrey Hepburn style scale!


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