Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Almost there! Starlet Suit Fit #3 & #4

I'm so excited!  I played w/ the pattern a bit more yesterday, stitched this up last night & it is SOOOO close! (Thanks again to Opal in Minnesota's online tutorial @ BurdaStyle.)  I will take out a bit of fullness under the bust, but the waist, shoulders, back all look great (look in the amazing Indian tin mirror the roommate got me in Abu Dhabi!).  I find watching Firefly in Spanish to be especially conducive to pattern adjusting.  What does that say about how my brain works?!

I'm using what seems to be the perfect muslin fabric--a king-size 100% cotton sheet set I got at a thrift shop for $6.  It's been washed about a zillion times, so the hand is lovely and they were originally nice sheets, so are fairly thick & drape nicely.  This is the 2nd set of front pieces I've cut out of it & there is plenty left.

As you can see in this 2nd photo, I made a few more tiny adjustments under the bust & I think it's even better now.  For some reason the right side looked better than the left, so the right side pattern fabric pieces are obviously what I'll use when I mark up the pattern one last time.

I have also reprinted the 2 front side pattern pieces again so I'll have brand new pieces to mark up.

I'm beginning to feel as if there is hope!  YAY!!  Now will I have the guts to cut out my fancy wool?


  1. Doesn't it feel great when you know you've got the fit right. Good on you.

  2. Yes. It sure isn't easy, though! But hopefully I'll get better. I printed new pieces & taped them, then last night I transferred the modified pattern onto the reprints. I am going to do one more test run w/ the old sheets just to be sure--then I'll have more confidence before I cut into my wool!

    Thanks for your encouragement!


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