Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just for fun! A super-cool McCall's pattern from...

Post was a big food company, they made breakfast cereal before being bought out by an even bigger food company.  I wonder if my mom saved cereal box coupons to get this, or did it come in the cereal box?  But it's the correct size, so perhaps she sent away for it. I don't remember if she made a dress from this pattern?  (I'll ask.)  Or was it for me or my sister?  The pattern has been cut.  

Anyway, I was going thru patterns last night (& I now have all my mom's old ones), and thought this was a fun one to share.  I actually may think about making it--but I am not sure--it looks like it could be for women less curvy than I am...


  1. I have a feeling I sent in box tops to get that pattern. I did alot of that back then (saving boxtops), but I don't specifically remember sending in for a dress pattern. I think the size on the pattern is interesting - size 12, bust 34. Seems bust size should at least be 36 for a size 12.

  2. This is soooo weird...I keep trying to respond to my mom's comment (above) and it keeps disappearing?!

    Anyway, the sizes are weirder now for sure...I can't always tell what I should look for in a store.

    Who did you make it for, do you remember? Do you remember what fabric?


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