Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy 2014!!

Well, another year, more projects and lots of bargain fabric in my sewing room!  How did that happen?  We've been to SFO, ABQ & NYC in the last 2 weeks.  It's nice to have a day off & be home inside on a freezing-rain day, hanging out in my sewing room & by our fireplace.  

First, many old patterns from my mom.  Not sure I'll be using many of them, but I might use bits of them.  (And I left another 30+ at my mother's house for later!)  

The box these were in also included some patterns for Barbie!  Which I will probably never use, but couldn't resist.  

Additionally, I have gotten a few requests for sewing.  My mother-in-law wants napkins & a table runner from some amazing orca fabric.  She was born in Ketchikan, so this is especially appropriate...and there's even a deadline!  (March 30, just in time for a Ketchikan luncheon.)

I'll also be making a western shirt (from West African fabric, of course) for a friend who loves my Roommate's new western shirts.  I have gotten out of much of my *real* West African fabric (purchased while we were there), but probably will have to supplement it with imports from G Street Fabrics, which has a small, but pretty great, selection of these amazing prints.  Some possibilities for the contracting yoke, pockets & cuffs are in the photo to the left...

And I got a nice compliment on the Roommate's western Xmas shirt from James McCarthy of the Christmas Shirt Company. Thanks James!  

Lots more to come.  I'm looking forward to learning more (got another 10-lesson package for classes at Bits of Thread as a prezzie), doing more sewing (working thru that darned stash), doing more knitting, and exercising, keeping the house clean, working full-time and playing with Bella.  Yikes.  I do find blogging gets in the way of sewing!  Do you feel the same?  

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  1. Hello ! What a haul and feast to the sewsters eyes!! That orca fabric is amazing, isn't it ? Happy busy 2014 !!


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