Monday, December 16, 2013

I Just Can't Stop It: Western Xmas Shirt for Roommate

The Roommate is getting yet *another* fun shirt.  He picked out the fabric, and I got it cut out last night.  I'll mark the pattern pieces today & get started sewing.  
It won't have pearlized snaps, like the Western African shirt had.  Instead, I bought red star buttons.  The contrasting fabric for the cuffs & the yokes is great, too.  

I did the pockets first.  On the right you can see the flaps (left is buttoned, right is open with the red contrasting on the underside of the flap).

I can't wait to show it to you! 

Music?  How about Back Door Santa, Clarence Carter!  


  1. Oh how I wish I could get my man to wear such wonderfully silly clothing! He wears black and grey. And occasionally dark purple. And no prints. Doesn't leave me a lot of options!!

  2. Thanks! Not only will he wear all the silly stuff I come up with, he doesn't notice my mistakes, either!

  3. This is really beautiful. From one Christmas shirt designer to another, both thumbs up!


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