Tuesday, November 12, 2013

See & Struggle B5699 +

Leaves, Blue Sky at Silver Lake
Hello; gorgeous fall weather here; wanted to get this posted before we take a long bike ride. 

I wanted to mention the Fashion & Textile Museum in London has an amazing exhibition coming up: Artist Textiles from Picasso - Warhol, running 1/31/2014 - 5/17/2014. The exhibit is going to tour--hopefully it will get to the US. If you see it, do let me know.

We saw a Matisse textiles exhibition at the Metropolitan back in 2005.  It was mostly his paintings with different textiles in them, however there were a few samples of real textiles that had belonged to Matisse.  Here's the book from the exhibition, The Fabric of His Dreams.

Back to the reality of fitting now...

Surprisingly, it's an epic battle to fit the jacket from See & Sew B5699.  I say surprisingly because the dress (from the same pattern), in size 12 fit perfectly, is flattering (I think) & really didn't involve many modifications.  

This was my great deal of the day from Mood, the lovely woven navy wool was $10/yard and the silk/rayon lining was $5/yard.  It is fully lined & really comfortable.  I've been wearing it with an Anne Klein jacket I found on sale at Macy's, but really want to finish a matching jacket from the pattern, as pictured above...but without that floppy collar!   

I had a little trouble lining it (the zipper), but after I figured that out it looks & feels great.
Okay, that was all very successful; I've worn it to work twice & have received a lot of compliments.  So what happened with the jacket?!  Stay tuned for more.

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  1. you look lovely !! and lucky you with the weather ! buckets of rain here...


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