Monday, August 6, 2012

Why the Hall of Shame Must Be Demolished

Yep, that's a yurt!  Our hotel room for 2 nites in Mongolia.
In my last post I mentioned that I have a few things I want to work on, which is my motivation for finishing up/dealing with my Hall of Shame UFOs.  

It started when I decided I needed felted wool dryer balls which I discovered on  Here's the how to if you think you need some, too.  Of course I didn't want to buy any wool, so I put a request on for used wool sweaters or yarn.  A friendly neighbor gave me  4 sweaters & a wool blanket.  Everything has holes & is rather the worse for wear, so no qualms about re-using the items (as opposed to wearing them).  The dryer balls took very little of this freecycle wool stash, so now I have lots left.  And I want to finally try felting.  

I have been interested in felting ever since we spent a couple of nights in a yurt in Mongolia.  Those people know how to felt!  The felt is 5-6" thick, too, on these easy-to-move water- & wind-resistant portable houses.  

And I've thought about it & even bought patterns, but never actually tried it.  And since my winter slippers are worn out and I haven't seen any new ones I want, I believe this may be the time.  

I found this amazing mitten pattern (from Heritage Fibre Publications) on Ravelry.  Don't they look warm!?  And these cute little elf shoes, recommended by a friend (a co-worker is having a baby boy next month).  Oh, and these slippers, with amazing color work.  

Part of the UFO completion process will be to demolish a few patterns I should never have tried (I know what fits well & looks good--but did that stop me?!).  You can try to guess which 2 of last week's posts will be unsewn...I'll let you know next post!  

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